February 3, 2016


Concerto for Accordion, Symphony Orchestra and Choir – (2022-2023) [Audio]

Little Oddities for Piano 2 (Malé podivnosti pre klavír 2) (2020-2021) [Scores]

Little Oddities for Piano (Malé podivnosti pre klavír) (2019-2020) [Scores]

You scoff!!! (Žerte!) electro-acoustic composition for Violin and Electronic (2019) [Audio]

Silhouettes electro-acoustic composition for “Milanolo” and Electronic (2018) [Audio]

Suite Transilvanica – Prolog electro-acoustic composition (2017-2018) [Audio]

Femme fatale electro-acoustic composition for piano and PC (2017)

Labyrinth electro-acoustic composition (2016) [Audio]

Mini Fantasy – for flute and piano (dedicated to M. Pepuchová) (2016) [Scores]

Objects (Objekty) electro-acoustic composition for cello and PC in 5.1 system sound (2015)

Up&Down music design eponymous ballet by Boris Eifman (2014)

Angelika the musical completion of the ballet by E. Suchoň (2013-2014)

Awe Brio electro-acoustic composition for voice and PC (2012)

Light in the cathedral (Svetlo v katedrále) electro-acoustic composition for two fujaras and PC (2011)

Rosary II electro-acoustic composition for fujara and Live Electronic (2010)

Malwi – for accordeon, cello and guitar (2009)

Little black music (Malá čierna hudba) electro-acoustic composition for sax, trumpet, el. guitar and PC (2008)

EA minuatures (EA minuatúry) electro-acoustic composition for piano, el. guitar and PC (2008)

Rosary  electro-acoustic composition for sax and PC (2007)

With You for You (Quantum Variation) – for piano (2007)

Luigi Luigi electro-acoustic composition for accordeon and PC in 5.1 system sound (2006)

In Memoriam I. Parík electro-acoustic composition for piano and PC in 5.1 system sound (2005)

d.i.v.a.: la morte e solo la via nel tempo – songs cycle by V. Santanelli (2004-2005)

Gwozdenzubi: Songyelectro-acoustics ongs cycle (2003 – 2005)

The Endelectro-acoustic composition for cello and PC in 5.1 system sound (2004) [Audio/Video]

Bass Methamorphoseselectro-acoustic composition for bass guitar and PC in 5.1 system sound (2003)

Mrcho – Softelectro-acoustic composition (dedicated to B. Gates) (2002)

Dissubidiente L`esmatoreelectro-acoustic composition according to R. Šucht’s comic book (2002)

Woman with black wings (Žena s čiernymi krídlami)radioART REMIX by texts V. Santanelli (2002)

Rondo – concertante rondo for guitar duo (2000) [Scores] [Audio]

Sumadelectro-acoustic composition for violin, cello, two accordeon and piano in 5.1 system sound (2000)

24. 3. 99’ – for accordeon and string quartet (1999)

Concertante etudes 2 – for accordeon (1999) [Scores]

Whatever? (Čo už?) – Rondo for piano (1998)

Chorus – for tone generator (1998)

666X3 – for PC, tone generator, violin, cello and accordeon (1998)

Time to teeth (Zub času)for chamber orchestra (1998)

Concertante etudes – for accordeon (1998)

Pas de deux – suite for cello and piano (1997) [Audio]

Vision – for two accordeons (1997)

Miniatures (Miniatúry) – for guitar (1996)

The philosophy of love (Filozofia lásky) – song for mezzo-soprano and accordion (1996)

Searching for… (Hľadanie)variations for piano (1995) [Scores]

Splashing Time (Plynúci čas) – for string quartet (1995)

Apocalypse for the Symphony Orchestra (1994)